Ay Up Lights


Ay Up Lights

Ayup lights is an exciting Australian company that has designed and manufactured an innovative range of outdoor and cycling lights.

These versatile lights are suited to mountain biking, road cycling, skiing, snowboarding, hikers, climbers, trekking, camping, jogging, kayaking, fishing, boating, diving, crabbing, caving and emergency rescue.

Website Requirement

Ayup is a very popular global brand with a high volume of online sales. With its reputation for innovative design they required a crisp and fresh web design to align with their clients expectations. Results Web Design also assisted with the rebranding of the 2009 range, including the design of sub brand icons.


Ayup require a a robust e-commerce engine including multi-currency functionality. This site uses Geo-IP technology to calculate what country the visitor is located in. Currency data is automatically and regularly updated so visitors can then see an estimated cost in their local currency. This has proven to increase trust, which translates into sales. Ayup also had specific requirements for reporting to allow for the efficient processing of orders. A freight and warranty workflow has also been implemented to control these important aspects of customer care.

CRM System

All email traffic, both in and out, is stored against their customers profiles for easy and efficient handling of ccustomer enquires. This profile also includes sales history, comments and related tasks. Ayup's high standard of customer care is made possible by having all this information available at a glance.

Marketing System

Ayup has a large customer base and require the ability to communicate efficiently with details of new products, updates and sponsored events around the globe. Ayup's web site has the ability to send highly targetted emails to customers groups including filtering by geographic, sport, product and other information based on the clients profile. Comprehensive statistics of email communications are available to ensure content and information sent in emails is well received and relevant.

Content Management

It was also important for the site to contain rich media, including galleries, rotators and video to appeal to their internet savvy client base around the world. It was critical that the content and information on the web site could be updated by the Ayup team to keep it current and up to date. Features like drag and drop video insertion enable Ayup to easily share the latest videos online almost immediately, without requiring 3rd party involvement.

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