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<em>&quot;Our email database is the heart of our business and by far the most valuable asset we own&quot;</em></h6>
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Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools available today. It has many benefits including:
  • Low cost, especially compared with traditional advertising
  • The readership and followup behaviour can be tracked
  • Your return on investment can be calculated exactly
  • Speed to market; an email can be sent withing minutes
  • Readership is quick; over half will read within 24 hours

How to create a list for email marketing

The first step is to create an email list, if you haven't already started. There are many ways, both online and offline to do this. Here is a list to start with:
  • Existing data from accounting systems, email correspondence, etc
  • At the point of sale; make it part of your routine to ask clients
  • Competitons, giveaways and free reports
  • Expos, trade shows, public displays
  • Online sign-up forms to receive your regular newsletter
  • Name squeezing for premium content
  • Refer-a-friend promotions
  • Pop over forms on your web site
  • Publicity combined with some of the tools above
  • Email piping; ask one of our agents to explain this to you

Your email list could become one of the most valuable assets your organisation owns. Don't get confused with SPAM, or unsolicited email. Your email list will only include people who opt-in or already have an existing relationship with you.

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