Keywords and Keyword Phrases

What are people searching for?


Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Search engine marketing ( SEM ) revolves around keywords and keyword phrases ( Keyphrases ). The goal is to be listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo and other search engines when people search on your preferred keyphrases.

Keywords and Keyphrase Selection

Before you commence SEM you must select and analyse a list of keyphrases. Use the list below to create all the possible variations of your keywords..

Checklist of ten keyword variations

  • Verbs, e.g. Rent Treadmill
  • Adjectives , e.g. Quality Treadmill
  • Comparative, e.g. Best Treadmill
  • Product Type. e.g. Fitness Equipment
  • Brands and Models, e.g. Polaris M3100 Treadmill
  • Specifications and Features, e.g. Heart Monitor Treadmill
  • Locations, e.g. Rent Treadmill Brisbane
  • Plural, Singular and Synonyms, e.g. Fitness Walker
  • Common Misspellings, e.g. Tredmill
  • Internal Search Log, i.e. taken from searches made on your web site

Online Tools

Google Insights is a great tool for you to compare keyword popularity in different regions and time frames around the world. It also reveals rising searches and emerging trends.  

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