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Brisbane Demographics & Internet Access

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia, with a population of more than 1,750,000 residents.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), more than 80% of dwellings in Queensland have access to the Internet in metropolitan areas.  This means that more than 1.4 million people in Brisbane alone could be using the Internet to search for your business.

In addition to this, the rate of adoption is quite impressive.  As time progresses, the older generations are becoming more computer literate, and the younger generation which has grown up with technology are now becoming the biggest consumers.  The ABS states that the number of households with Internet access has quadrupled over the last 10 years.  See graph below.

Percentage of Australian House Holds with Internet Access


There has been a shift from using directories to using search engines to locate businesses, products and services.  Many households now have the Yellow Pages still in its shrink wrap.   The new way of locating businesses is to simply type the type of service required in search engines such as Google, followed by the keyword.  For example, if someone was looking for a web design agency, they would likely type into Google something like "Web Design Brisbane", "Brisbane Web Designer", or even "Brisbane Web Design Company".  The reason for this is efficiency.  To locate a business in the Yellow Pages, you need to find the books, work out the type of business you are looking for, determine which book it will be in, and thumb through them.  Google is instantaneous.   Searches can also be more specific.  For instance, someone can search for a specific product and does not have to ring and ask everyone and ask everyone in that yellow pages category whether they have it in stock or not.

As of May 2009, we estimate that when looking for a product or service, approximately half of Brisbane will look on the Internet first, before looking at the Yellow Pages.

With such growth in the number of people using the internet as a mechanism for research, communication and buying goods and services, it is more important now than ever to have an effective web site that delivers results.

Brisbane Web Design Trends

Over the last few years, we have noticed some specific trends in web sites developed by Brisbane based web designers.

There is a general trend for sites designed by Brisbane web designers to have a preference for softer colours, such as light blues and greens.  This is probably a side-effect of the relaxed lifestyle of sunny Queensland.  Brisbane web designs generally feature less clutter and are more graphically simple, allowing for the content to be more predominant.  In our opinion, this is a good thing.

According to a survey conducted recently by a Brisbane SEO firm; 200 websites, an alarming 54% of them stated that their website gave them no business, 40% some leads, and the remaining 6% a steady stream of leads.  This shows that other web design companies are paying too much attention on the design and aesthetics of the site, and not enough attention to getting their websites to deliver results.

There seems to be a problem that a lot of Brisbane web design companies create a nice looking site, but does not deliver as they fail to integrate marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation, or creating form to generate leads, or by asking the user to subscribe.  At Results Web Design Brisbane, we have a series of techniques that will ensure that your site will produce a steady stream of leads to your business.

Price Analysis of Brisbane Web Designers

Determining the price of a website is always difficult because there are so many aspects and features to consider.  A recent study of our competitors showed us that most Brisbane web design agencies charge between $500 and $5,000 for a website.  We were initially quite shocked that other Brisbane web designers could charge as low as $500, but shortly after we discovered that what you get in the lower pricing bracket is just a prefabricated template, resold off a template such as templatemonster.com.  In the Brisbane web design industry, it does appear true that you get what you pay for.  The lower price brackets will typically yield a site with no SEO, no forms, basic implementation, no content management system.  If you want your website to generate you a steady stream of leads, it is best avoiding the “packages” available out there, and getting a genuine quote for your needs from a trustworthy designer.

Network Infrastructure

Compared to the rest of the world, Brisbane has quite advanced and fast internet.  Brisbane has some direct connections to Sydney and New Zealand, making connection speeds to these locations very fast.

Brisbane is also the home of PIPE networks. PIPE networks are an Australia wide company which connects data centres to each other. PIPE Networks owns and operates Australia's largest internet exchange.

Servers should be hosted in areas where power grids overlap such as in Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley, near hospitals or the Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Mile Plains.

Here are some locations with their connection types that we recommend for hosting your website in Brisbane:

  • Level 9, 127 Creek Street  IX, Telehousing, VLAN, fibre
  • 148 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley IX, Telehousing, VLAN, fibre
  • Level 13, 1 Eagle Street Brisbane    IX, VLAN, fibre
  • Fortitude Valley  Level 6, 100 Wickham Street Brisbane   IX, VLAN, fibre
  • Level 2, 344 Queen Street Brisbane IX, VLAN, fibre
  • Brisbane Technology Park, 7 Brandl St Eight Mile Plains, DCI
  • HDS, 22 Cox Rd Windsor, DCI

When hosting a website, you should always consider the physical location of the servers that host your website. You should host your website in an area geographically close to where the majority of your visitors will be.

When getting a website from Results Web Design, all of these factors have been taken into account, and we guarantee you a fast, stable and responsive website.

Internet Service Providers

The most popular ISPs in Brisbane are:

  • iiNet - Great service and cheap.
  • WestNet – Great service and cheap – now owned by iiNet
  • TPG – Caution Brisbane web designers: This ISP may use a transparent proxy!
  • Optus – More expensive
  • Bigpond – More expensive

You may want to check out Whirlpool for more information on ISPs.

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